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Thomas Villa
Bore bank Road, Bengaluru

The ethnic looking villa has been designed in multi layers, volumes and spaces rendering it a ‘terraced-up’ look. The building consists of an inner ‘atrium’ and three courtyards. The walls are constructed in stabilized mud blocks and granite stones giving it a ‘natural’ feel and look. 

The earthy color tones used inside and outside make the building ‘humane’ in its character. The steel tubular columns inside the living-dining areas are given an independent identity with the walls making ‘way’ for the columns.
The vertical disposition of the building is designed in such a way that one gets to see the ‘charoka’ window of the top most bedroom, from the living room itself.
The entire flooring in the house is laid with recycled timber shingles. The sloped roofs are pitched with rural clay tiles. Stained glass skylights throw reflected light into the courtyard inside. The ceiling is finished with decorative terracotta tiles. 


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