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Sukriti Villa

Sukruthi, an independent villa has been designed based on the concept of ‘silent spaces’. The building has the ‘stark’ look both inside and outside, with each space exhibiting a ‘zen’ quality of its own. 

There is a central courtyard inside the house that is paved with white pebbles. A skylight on the top throws light into the courtyard. A water body next to the dining area enhances the stillness of the interior spaces. Set against the backdrop of the pool is a huge triangular window. 

The flooring is finished with yellow colored Jaisalmer stone and highlighted with blue borders. The interior textured walls are predominantly white in color.

The exterior finish of the façade is done using stone shingles. The window and door borders are highlighted with Jaisalmer stone in yellow color. The building has a gently curving shell roof. Pergolas rising above the central courtyard and balconies form part of the curved roof.

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