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MC Junction

Kasturinagar is among the newer localities in Bengaluru. Spurred by explosive growth in the city, thousands of structures jostle for space in Kasturinagar alone. Homes, apartments, offices, and commercial spaces contribute to the Kasturinagar cityscape. ‘The Junction’ holds its own in these surroundings. A corporate office designed for Matts Corner India Pvt. Ltd., the building stems from an idea to create a structure that is magnificent and unique. 
The building incorporates concentric and telescopic flap roofs, breaking the traditional mould of symmetry in forms. As an offshoot, this form creates balconies and terraces at various levels.  The basement, ground and four floors above contribute to a built-up area of 13500 square feet. While all the floors are used as office space, the fourth floor comprises of guests suites that open out into beautiful terrace gardens. The terrace garden not only adds to the aesthetics of the Junction, but also reduces the heat within.

In a conscious effort to reduce glass, the material is confined to the windows, comprising of 26-28% of the facade. Otherwise, extruded terracotta blocks and textured surfaces dominate the facade of the building, giving it its identity. An unusual and functional design, coupled with the use of earth-friendly techniques and materials makes the Junction much more than an office nestled on a 3500 square feet plot.

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