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Jal Bhavan

Jal Bhavan serves as the corporate headquarters of the Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board, an organization overseeing water supply, a fundamental natural resource.
The architectural form of this eight-story office building symbolizes a rainbow spanning across two hills. Rainbows, with their connotations of promise and positivity, represent the prosperity brought by rainfall and water. The building's arch-shaped structure is complemented by two large semicircular openings on the ground level, positioned on either side of the edifice. The window recesses on the exterior walls serve a dual purpose, providing protection from sun and rain while also punctuating the façades. The use of glass in the construction has been kept minimal to mitigate the greenhouse effect. Circular windows are strategically placed along the arch profile of the building, with the window at the apex of the arch enclosed within a trapezoidal 'box,' reminiscent of the traditional 'key-stone' in an arch. Pergolas have been incorporated on the sides, balconies, and above the terrace roof, offering partial coverage to these areas.
The building's foundation is constructed using a thick concrete raft, with flat concrete slabs comprising the floors. The ground floor is elevated approximately three meters above the level of the adjacent street, with a series of steps leading from the front to the main entrance lobby. The basement floor serves as a parking facility and houses various service amenities.
The interior design of the offices on each floor wing features distinctive color schemes to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Project Info
Built-up Area:        60,000 SFT
Building Height:    B + G + 8 Floors
Location:                Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

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